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You will have access to The Vault where you can download an additional 450 eBooks & Audio titles. Each of these titles come with Master Resell Rights as well so you can resell them in your store.

Resell Guided Meditation Audio Collection

New Age Resell Products



    001 The Best Binaural Beats Collection – Large File (194 MBs)
    002 Guided Meditation Audio Collection – Large File (83 MBs)
    003 Audio Adrenaline Affirmation Audio Collection – Large File (50 MBs)
    004 The Self-Esteem Workbook (eBook & MP3) – Large File (58 MBs)
    005 Secrets of Success (eBook & MP3) – Large File (48 MBs)
    006 Motivational Audio Collection: Kindness, Encouragement, etc. – Large File (19 MBs)
    007 Ace Your Life With Affirmation
    008 Authentic Acceptance
    009 The Complete Guide to Applying the 7 Habits In Holistic Personal Development
    010 The Self Improvement Evangelist
    011 350 Self-Help Tips & Tactics: Spiritual Tactics, Law of Attraction Tactics, Etc.
    012 How To Plan a Fabulous Home Spa Day (eBook & MP3) – Large File (90 MBs)
    013 Breath Modulation Tools (Audio)
    014 Curing Eczema Naturally
    015 Think Green, Act Green: Handbook for Earth-Friendly People
    016 The Spiritual Healing Handbook
    017 Eternal Life and You: Nourish Your Soul …
    018 Solar Power: Save Your Money With Alternative Energy
    019 Evolutionary Growth Patterns
    020 Curing Halitosis the Natural Way
    021 The Path To Positive Thinking
    022 The Big Book Of Inspiring Stories
    023 How To Enrich Your Life Through Travel: Better Your Life By Connecting With Your Inner Gypsy
    024 Poems That Inspire
    025 Purposeful Law of Attraction Accomplishments
    026 Finding God in the Post Modern Era
    027 Power Attraction, Power Play: Law of Attraction, Etc.
    028 Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality
    029 Greener Ideas For Greener Living
    030 Ways To Inner Peace
    031 The Bucket List: Discover How To Do The Things That Give You The Most Meaning In Your Life
    032 The Art of Positive Thinking
    033 From Good To Excellence: 6 Steps Towards Enlightenment Transcendence
    034 Advanced Affirmation and Attraction
    035 Faith Formations: Live By Faith and Achieve Better Inner Peace and Tranquility
    036 The Secrets Behind Creativity: Hidden Ways To Unlock Your Innovation
    037 Accelerated Health Lessons
    038 Positive Thinking Power Play: 10 Steps to Success
    039 I’m Not Religious I’m Spiritual
    040 The Power of Positive Thoughts In the Post Modern Era: Manifest Positive Thoughts …
    041 True Calling and Life Purpose Rediscovered
    042 Deal with Stress and Cope in the 21st Century: Be the Master of Your Mind & Your Destiny
    043 The Miracle Healing Properties of Transfer Factor
    044 Kicking Fear and Anxiety To The Curb: Ways To Become Peaceful
    045 Independence Transformation: Take Charge of Your Life By Focusing On the Power Within
    046 Gratitude Now: Learn How Being Thankful for Every Blessing In Life Will Change Your Future
    047 The River Of Life: Learn to Become a Channel of Blessing to the World and People Around You
    048 Advanced Hypnosis: An Introduction for Newbies
    049 The Power of Gratitude
    050 Listening to the Binaural Beat
    051 E-Q Equation: Develop Your Emotional Quotient & Lead a Balanced Life
    052 Berry Boosters: Acai, Maqui & Many Other Popular Berries That Will Change Your Life & Health
    053 Conquering Fear In The 21st Century
    054 Bringing the Best Out of the Worst People: The Guide to Motivating Others …
    055 How to Stop Worrying & Start Living in the 21st Century
    056 Sleep Like a Pro: Mastering Your Sleep Patterns For Maximum Productivity
    057 Sleeping Sanctuary: Salvation For the Sleep Deprived
    058 The Stress Buster’s Victory: Overcome Mental Anguish & Create More Energy For Your Life
    059 Empower Others Through Personal Development
    060 Financial Empowerment & Your Environment
    061 Letting Go, Moving On: Don’t Be Held Back By the Past …
    062 Free Yourself from Panic Attacks
    063 How To Accomplish More In a Fraction of the Time
    064 Reach Your Full Potential
    065 Get a Grip On Life
    066 Mind Mastery Techniques
    067 Increase Your IQ
    068 Present Power: Harnessing the Moment For Maximum Results
    069 Resolve To Help Yourself Through Helping Others
    070 Life-Coaching & Motivation for a Happy, Successful Life
    071 Courage & Confidence: Summon the Giant Within & Take Control of Your Destiny
    072 Boost Your Self-Esteem to New Heights With Techniques for Adults & Teenagers
    073 How to Develop the Guts to Talk with Anyone: Develop Inner Confidence That Manifest Outwardly
    074 Say Anything To Anyone, Anywhere
    075 Inspiring Proverbs: Word of Wisdom From Many Cultures In the World
    076 The Way to God & How to Find It
    077 80/20 Magic: How You Can Get 80% of the Results In Life With Only 20% of the Effort
    078 Pruning the Elements of Death In Your Life: Discover How You Can Give Yourself New Life
    079 Mars & Venus Battles the Cyber Arena: Applying the Timeless Truths …
    080 Strong & Confident Warrior: Release Your Inner Strength …
    081 Addiction Breaking 101: Develop the Mental Strength to Break Any Bad Habit In Life
    082 Defeat Drugs & Live Free: Prevent Substance Abuse & Take Control of Your Life
    083 Quit Smoking Today!
    084 Beat the Battle With the Bottle: Easy Ways to Stop Drinking …
    085 Get Rid of Gambling: Overcome One of the Most Difficult Addictions Today
    086 Overcoming Unexplained Obsessions & Compulsions Is Possible!
    087 Stop Compulsive Spending Right Now: Rescue Your Finances & Develop Self Control
    088 Breaking the Habits of Sexual Addictions
    089 Immediate Gratification For Breaking Bad Habits
    090 Habit Reconstruction Project: Learn How to Develop the Right Habits
    091 40 Cures For Hangovers
    092 Discipline 101: Break the Cycle of Bad Discipline Even If You Are a Lazy Person
    093 The Secrets of Anger Management: Learn How To Control Your Rage & Take Control of Your Life
    094 Anger Management 101: How To Deal With Your Anger Issues Easily
    095 Stay Free Through Rage Control: Master Your Emotions & Live a Normal Life
    096 Stress Survival Super Strategies: Reduce Mental Trauma By Focusing On Positive Thoughts
    097 How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
    098 Say Goodbye to Erythrophobia, Blushing & Sweating
    099 Alone No More
    100 Finding the Perfect Partner
    101 Self-Hypnosis Audio Package (9 MP3s plus eBook) – Very Large File!
    102 Thinking Bigger
    103 Unlimited Energy
    104 Personality and Personal Growth (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    105 How to Believe in Yourself and Gain Mastery
    106 Inspirational Lessons From Inspirational People
    107 Loving Yourself and Others
    108 Developing Powerful Visions & Inspiring People with Them
    109 Dealing With Loneliness
    110 10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer
    111 Body Language (eBook & Audio)
    112 What Their Body Is Saying But Their Mouths Are Not Telling You
    113 The 9 Personality Types: Find Out the Different Personality Types & How to Deal With It
    114 Internalized Motivation: How To Sustain Unlimited Motivation To Achieve Your Goals
    115 Emphatic Listening: Put Yourselves In the Shoes of Another Person
    116 Taking Action In Spite of Imperfection
    117 Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work: How To Reach Any Goal You Wish
    118 Finding Your Confidence
    119 6 Simple Rules of Power: Discover How You Can Apply 6 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life
    120 Intelligence Intensity
    121 Defeat Depression: Ways to Cope with Depression & Melancholic Tendencies
    122 ADHD Secrets Uncovered (eBook & MP3 Audio) – Large File!
    123 Building Your Own Greenhouse
    124 The Secrets of a Lush Garden
    125 110 Self-Improvement Boosters
    126 Art of Positive Thinking
    127 101 Everyday Tips For Losing 10 Pounds
    128 Lose Weight By Burning More Calories: Boosting Your Metabolism
    129 Renewable Energy – Eco Friendly
    130 Basics of Spiritual Living
    131 How To Get Rid of a Toothache Naturally
    132 Curing Premenstrual Tension Naturally
    133 Get Rid of Warts, Moles & Skin Tags the Natural Way
    134 Simplistic Creativity Concepts
    135 The Life Coach
    136 Action Driven Living
    137 Purpose Driven Business Models: How to Follow Your Passion to Build Your Business
    138 Love, Life, Work
    139 Biofeedback Mastery
    140 Rules of the Rich and Wealthy
    141 Productivity Boosting Methods for the Positive Mind
    142 Your Success Action Plan
    143 Get Success Results
    144 Internet Marketing Personal Development
    145 Balance Your Life
    146 The Big Book Personal Development
    147 Brain Battalion
    148 Christian Faith Healing
    149 Courage Crusher
    150 Environment In Wealth Creation
    151 Evergreen Gardening
    152 Financial Abundance
    153 Goal Getting Success Guide
    154 Fitness: Discover Home Workouts for that Perfect Body
    155 Aerobics: Discover Effective Tactics for Total Fitness
    156 The Jogging Guide: Adice & Tips for Beginners
    157 240 Biking Articles (PLR Articles)
    158 Fast Fitness (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    159 Packing On the Muscle: Bodybuilder Manual
    160 Sports and You
    161 How To Gain Confidence: Step By Step Guide
    162 Overcome Shyness 101
    163 Brain Training: Improving Your Memory
    164 Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery
    165 How to Deal with Stress and Cope in the 21st Century
    166 Boost Your Metabolism (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    167 Goal Planning Strategies
    168 Goodbye Bad Health Cupping
    169 Gratitude For Today
    170 Grow Your Self-Confidence
    171 Independence Transformation
    172 Learn To Focus
    173 Manifestation Marketing
    174 Manifesting Maestro
    175 Maximum Effect Communication
    176 Millionaire Mindset Affirmation
    177 Mind Hacking Secrets
    178 Mindset Procrastination
    179 People Empowerment Secrets
    180 Personal Mastery Methods
    181 Power Attraction, Power Play
    182 Principles of Attraction
    183 Purposeful Purpose
    184 Secrets To A Millionaire Mind
    185 Self-Improvement Combo
    186 Shaping Your Destiny
    187 Solid Confidence Affirmation
    188 The Big Book of Self-Help Tips
    189 The Path To Positive Thinking
    190 The Polarity Path
    191 The Wealthy Mindset
    192 Transcend the Power of Words
    193 Your Own Destiny
    194 Empowered Spirituality
    195 30 Days Of Motivation
    196 Action Driven Living
    197 Unconscious Memory
    198 Focus: The Key to Success – Unleash the Hidden You
    199 The Power of Charisma
    200 The Lean, Mean Body Machine: The Art of Burning Excess Fats & Long Term Maintenance
    201 Sprints & Marathons: Increase Your Speed & Stamina In Running Easily
    202 Drop the Fat Now: Natural Solutions to Getting Trim
    203 The Bible of Bodybuilding For Busy People
    204 The Most Important Guide On Dieting & Nutrition For the 21st Century
    205 Self Defense 101: Learn How To Defend Yourself Even With No Training
    206 Evergreen Motivation: The Top 10 Best-Selling Personal Development Concepts of All Time
    207 Man & Woman Dynamics: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex
    208 Marriage Bliss: How to Have a Wonderful Marriage & Grow Old Together
    209 Parental Reflections: Facing Up to Your Mommy & Daddy Issues
    210 Unexplained Mysteries
    211 Fulfilling Family Resolutions: How to Effectively Manage Your Time …
    212 Missing Home: Ways to Cope With Homesickness …
    213 Awesome Character Building Techniques
    214 The Secrets Behind Subtle Psychology: Secrets to Getting All You Want
    215 Energy Extravaganza: Learn How to Increase Mental Clarity & Feel the Power of Unlimited Energy …
    216 Authority Anthem: How To Take Command of Your Life & Learn To Make Crystal Clear Decisions
    217 Time Management Strategies For the Knowledge Worker
    218 Procrastinating Your Procrastination
    219 How to Make Anyone Fall In Love With You …
    220 Alternatives For Synergy
    221 Applying The 7 Habits
    222 What Does Success Truly Mean: A Different Look At Wealth
    223 The Power of Mental Imagery
    224 The Might of Character Building
    225 Body Language Mastery
    226 The Force Of Fulcrums: How Simple Shifts In Your Thinking Will Make You Rich Forever
    227 Money Madness For the 21st Century
    228 The 90-10 Financial Secret: How to Achieve Financial Freedom
    229 Managing Your Money At All Ages: Financial IQ Lessons For Anyone …
    230 Prosperity Pursuit: Developing the Financially Free Mindset the Right Way
    231 Indoor Gardening
    232 Effective Planning and Pursuits
    233 Anger Management: How To Control Your Anger To Get The Most Out of Your Life
    234 Believe in Yourself and Gain Mastery
    235 Confidence Factor
    236 Resolute, Set, Go: Effective Ways To Set Solid Resolutions …
    237 50 Quick Tips On Getting Organized Easily
    238 Resolve To Get Organized
    239 The Killer’s Instinct: The Winner’s Guide To Living Your Life With a Passion For Success
    240 The Way of the Webpreneur
    241 Discovering the Underground Home Business Revolution
    242 Retire Young, Retire Rich
    243 Guru, Greatness and You
    244 Recession Rescue Routines
    245 Financial Resolution Secrets
    246 Get Out of Debt Free
    247 Think & Grow Rich In the Knowledge Era
    248 Lessons From the Intelligent Investor
    249 Becoming the Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon
    250 Secrets of the Subconscious Millionaire Mind
    251 Resolve To Learn Something New Today
    252 Helping Your Child Learn Collection (5 eBooks)
    253 Raising Children Who Succeed!
    254 Exploring EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique
    255 Divorce Prevention Rescue Mission
    256 Defeat Video Gaming Addictions
    257 Greatest Personal Development Books of All Time
    258 Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals
    259 Achieving Happiness
    260 Acne Attack! Ways To Beat Acne Easily
    261 Alcohol No More
    262 Basics of Spiritual Living
    263 Battle Against The Bulge
    264 Body Language Mastery
    265 Breaking Bulimia
    266 Coaching The Coach
    267 Conquering The Cranium
    268 Courage Conqueror
    269 Confidence Social Supremacy
    270 Dealing With Death
    271 Decide To Decide
    272 Destroy Your Anger
    273 Effective Communication
    274 Empowering The Child
    275 Essentials For Eating Again
    276 Goal Setter’s Sanctuary
    277 Harmonic Hypnotherapy
    278 Health And Fitness 101
    279 Inspirational Ideas
    280 Introduction to Genetically Modified Foods
    281 Loner’s Lifehack
    282 Mastering Public Speaking
    283 Mending The Marriage
    284 Mind And Memory Mastery
    285 Monolithic Memory
    286 Motivate To Empower
    287 Motivation Mastery
    288 Negate Negativity
    289 NLP Mastery
    290 Organization And Order
    291 Organization Tactics
    292 Peace In Pain
    293 Personal Productivity
    294 Unleash The Beast: The Ultimate Handbook For Unleashing Your True Potential …
    295 Principles of Attraction: Harnessing the Power of the Law of Attraction …
    296 Public Speaking Dynamism
    297 Regulated Eating Strategies
    298 Self Improvement Fast Track
    299 Siren’s Sleep Solution
    300 Smoker’s Sanctuary: Save Your Lungs …
    301 Stress Soothers
    302 Super Hero Inspiration
    303 The Befriender
    304 The Clockwork Course
    305 The Gamer’s Relief
    306 The Hypnosis Handbook
    307 The Idea Bucket
    308 The Last Bet: Rid Yourself From The Gambling Habit …
    309 The Leader’s Blueprint
    310 The Manual For Moving On
    311 Getting Your Guy
    312 The Motivation Companion
    313 The Panic Panacea
    314 The 21st Century Home Business Revolution
    315 Home Business Models
    316 The Sugar Solution
    317 Boredom Busters
    318 Conquer Your Fears
    319 Courage And Confidence
    320 Defeat Depression
    321 Develop Guts to Talk with Anyone
    322 Developing Powerful Visions
    323 Driving Your Passions
    324 Effective Planning Pursuits
    325 Ego Evolution
    326 Emotions Success
    327 Expert Speaker
    328 Financial Freedom Affirmations
    329 Finding Your Confidence
    330 Free Man
    331 From Good To Excellence
    332 Get Organized
    333 Going from Point A to Point B
    334 Goodbye Perfectionism
    335 Good Night Sleep
    336 Greatness Lessons from Hollywood
    337 Get A Grip On Life
    338 Habit Reconstruction Project
    339 Happiness Unlimited
    340 Helping Others
    341 How To Coach
    342 How To Get Anything You Want
    343 Idea Conception
    344 Immediate Gratification For Breaking Bad Habits
    345 Increasing Your IQ
    346 Intelligence Intensity
    347 Keeping The Motivation
    348 Learn Something New
    349 Legacy For Tomorrow
    350 Letting Go Moving On
    351 Life Coaching and Motivation
    352 Life Lessons
    353 Managing Time Well
    354 Monolithic Memory
    355 Motivation Mastery
    356 Never Procrastinate
    357 Online Time Management
    358 Opening Your Heart
    359 Organization Tactics
    360 Pacify Your Fury
    361 Perfect Prosperity
    362 Personal Development Gurus Exposed
    363 Playing 100%: Methods for Bringing Out the Best In You
    364 Positive Thinking – The Key to Success
    365 Power Persuasion Posture
    366 Proclaiming Success Failure
    367 Productivity Boosting Methods
    368 Productivity Plus
    369 Productivity Without Pain
    370 Prosperity Knowledge
    371 Public Speaking Quick Fix
    372 Pursue Your Passion
    373 Quantum Leap Strategy
    374 Rejection Immunity Strategies
    375 Self-Defense 101
    376 Safety Soldier
    377 Secrets To Achieving Goals
    378 The Self-Esteem Guide
    379 Self-Improvement Fast Track
    380 Sense Of Urgency
    381 Simplistic Creativity Concepts
    382 Tame The Tension
    383 The Expert In You
    384 The Life Coach
    385 The Motivation Companion
    386 The Secrets Behind Creativity
    387 The Secrets Behind Subtle Psychology
    388 The Time Commandment
    389 Thinking Big and Getting Rich
    390 Time And Success
    391 Time Management For Busy People
    392 Time Management (PLR)
    393 Treasury Motivational Quotes
    394 True Aspirations
    395 Truly Successful
    396 Truth Tailwinds
    397 Urgency For Success
    398 What Does Success Truly Mean
    399 Your Success Action Plan
    400 Halloween: Creative New Ideas and Tricks
    401 Halloween Pumpkin WordPress Theme
    402 Halloween Headers
    403 5 Halloween Templates
    404 Easter Parade Bunny Template
    405 Easter Parade Chick Template
    406 Easter Parade Chocolate Egg Template
    407 3 Christmas Templates
    408 3 Valentines Templates
    409 Hybrid Cars
    410 Gas Saving Devices
    411 Money and Me
    412 How to Start Your Own Interior Designing Business
    413 Wonderful Wedding Favors and Wedding Gifts
    414 Unique Weddings
    415 Wedding Photography
    416 The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide
    417 Your Baby’s First Year
    418 Baby Sleeping Guide
    419 Baby Weaning
    420 Bread Making
    421 Tattoo Designs & Becoming a Tattoo Artist
    422 The Art of Making Perfume
    423 How To Make Your Own Perfume
    424 Master the Guitar In 7 Days
    425 Piano Mastery: Talks with Master Pianists & Teachers
    426 Learn to Play the Piano (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    427 The Author’s Craft
    428 Self-Publishing: How to Write, Print & Sell Your Own Book
    429 Get Published! (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    430 How to Write and Publish Your Own Books
    431 Blogging For Beginners
    432 Spinning and Weaving
    433 Hand Shadows Illusions
    434 Lose 10 Pounds
    435 Learn Basic Spanish the Easy Way
    436 Home-Based Business Ideas
    437 Geting the Perfect Job
    438 Easter Parade WordPress Theme
    439 Winterizing Your Home: Simple Steps to Money Saving Ideas
    440 Cat Training (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    441 Training Your Dog (eBook & MP3 Audio)
    442 Adopting A Dog (
    443 Ultimate Resource For Baby Boomers
    444 Build Your Dream House
    445 Home Automation 101
    446 Family History Search
    447 The Art of Buying a Car
    448 Guide to Dealing and Caring for the Elderly
    449 Digital Cameras for Beginners
    450 Online Dating For Newbies
    451 Pastures New: Your Guide to Moving Abroad (eBook & Audio)
    452 Saving Money On Fuel Prices
    453 Cash for Scents: How to Make & Sell Your Own Perfume (eBook & Audio)
    454 AdSense: The Dollar Producing Factory
    455 Valentine’s Day Magic
    456 Healthy Dating Techniques
    457 Curb Your Cat
    458 Dog Owner’s Delight